Order Dharma Sundays August & September
Exploring aspects of Order practice.  
West London Buddhist Centre Porchester Road opposite Royal Oak tube station.
10am to 5pm every Sunday except the first and last of the month.  
No charge, but dana is requested for our hosts, WLBC. 

Sorry this is short notice but if you’re not on the men’s convention, come to this: 
Sunday 14 August The Six Element Practice with Kamalashila

Kamalashila and Bodhiketu recently led a retreat at Adhisthana on the Six Element practice where we reappraised the practice as taught by Sangharakshita.  This led to some new insights since Bhante’s approach embraces an animist perspective.  The elements are alive.  Earth and Water are  not simply analytic categories for finding direct experience and seeing sunyata, or embracing impermanence.  They are also living qualities.  The elements are energies vastly more powerful than ourselves whose help we can deliberately enlist, or that we reject or ignore to our cost.  They are in a word great spirits, ‘Mahabhutas.’  
A day of profound practice.  

Sunday 18 September The Main Doctrines of Yogacara unknown
Statue of Xuanzang at Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an, China  

John Hill https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16568704

with Sagaramati & Kamalashila
A study and meditation day with Sagaramati, using a text based on the Sandhinirmocana Sutra