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Here's a doorway on what I do. I'm a longtime disciple of Urgyen Sangharakshita, and been active all my life establishing the Triratna Order and the beauty of its approach. I've founded Dharma centres in London and Wales, lived four years in Wales as a hermit, and written a book on meditation. I enjoy communicating the amazingness of Buddhism in London and on retreat.

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Dharmachari Kamalashila


Spiritual Rebirth
How passion can be transformed by insight and serve the needs of others. With examples from Kamalashila's long solitary, exploring the nature of spiritual rebirth, the radical transformation of being that emerges from insight.
"…Embodied beings like ourselves are subject to unpredictable changes which just go on, on and on forever in the familiar world of impermanence, change, and endless varieties of suffering: that's the familiar kind of rebirth—a new life, but not essentially different from the old one.  Spiritual rebirth is a radically transformed life that starts when we see outside those karmically conditioned changes.  We poke our heads through the shell of ignorance, see the boundless spaces of nirvana, and step out into those spaces...

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Pasted Graphic 1. Bodhicitta, Boundless View
A series on the Brahmaviharas from Buddhafield's Total Immersion Retreat 2016
'Where Love Meets Wisdom'.
"The Buddha said that all conditioned phenomena are dukkha, not ever offering complete satisfaction. That includes nice things; includes very, very nice things that entail a huge degree of satisfaction, but in the end there's nothing that lasts or can be relied on. This truth does not have to be viewed as some kind of problem; we should just rely on what can be relied on and enjoy life as it comes. Our nature is realisation and there's a joy in that which goes far beyond any ordinary temporary joy.

With that, reflect on the Bodhicitta, the ardent desire or the passion for realisation.

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