After the long retreat, I have a month’s break. And we are still in lockdown. That seems great, like the retreat never stopped, but it’s not the same mind!

Streams of interest and concern popping out that had no place on retreat but now it’s their time. Coming events, holidays, the summer, and visits to impossible numbers of friends. News, catching up, anxieties, concerns, untouched responsibilities: I’m awash. In meditation I just about manage to stay with my experience and feel even reluctant to sit at times.

That is how it was for the first week, but now we are into March I’ve got used to what is after all normal. I have made some resolutions, prioritised what makes me sane, happy, and fitter.

I’m working on this website now. It is a new venture. My wife Yashobodhi kindly created the bones of this for me last year and I’m finally making it my own.

I’m posting items from the retreat right now, so there’s a lot on anapanasati, from different angles.