Study Dates and Times:
Mondays 7—9.15pm from April 5th until mid-July and likely continuing in the Autumn. 

Here’s the link for the Zoom Meeting.  
Or use Meeting ID 824 5910 3979 and Passcode 504844

You’re welcome to arrive a bit early and chat from around 6.45 — we’ll start sharp at 7pm.  
The programme is likely to evolve, but the initial plan is: 

7pm opening ritual and meditation
730 study 
8pm groups
830 discussion 
9pm ends

This will evolve too, but we will start with the general theme of ‘Order Practice,’ which covers everything we do as Order members—from sadhana, through non sadhana practice, to the four myths and beyond.  

As a basis for our discussions we will use this PDF of “Sadhana, the Influence of the Buddha”, a re-write of the chapter on sadhana in my book, Buddhist Meditation (2012 edition Ch.10).

Here is where video, audio and written materials for our study can be found

Vajrasattva Sadhana from Tharpe Delam
Brief talk on connections between Vajrasattva and the Elements practice

Transcriptions (experimental!)
Vajrasattva 12/4/21

Vajrasattva 12/4/21 Video