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This page is for experienced meditators. To learn meditation from the beginning, go here or here.

The practice lead-throughs for sadhanas are intended for Order members’ use only. Please observe this.
The rest is open to all.


Note: this is not the introductory ‘Mindfulness of Breathing’ which is explained here.

Anapanasati lead through Video
Anapanasati lead through, emphasis on Anatta Video
Introduction to Anapanasati, mantras and full lead in context of Avalokitesvara Video
Anapanasati stages lead-through in text format Text
Comments on the anapanasati practice: especially insight stages & how to work in general PDF

The Brahmaviharas

The four Brahmaviharas lead-through Video (turn up volume)
Goodwill (metta) meditation Video
Karuna bhavana meditation Video
Karunabhavana in concentric spheres Video
Muditabhavana in concentric spheres Video
Upekkhabhavana in concentric spheres Video

The Six Elements Practice

A Six Elements Ritual PDF
Sakyamuni Mantras (5 mins.), then full lead through the Six Elements Practice Audio
Six Elements Practice Audio
Six Elements lead through Video

Just Sitting

Eight minute introduction to how to approach Just Sitting Video
Full introduction to Just Sitting and a session of the practice Video
Shrine salutation, simple Just Sitting Audio

Ritual Texts

Arya Tara Puja (from the Cult of Tara) PDF
Relinquishing The Six Elements, a Ritual for parting from clinging to this life PDF
Vajrapani Puja: Peace is a Fire addressed to both wrathful and peaceful aspects. PDF
The Heart Wish of Mahamudra- an Aspiration Prayer or Pranidhana PDF
Padmasambhava Puja PDF
Prajnaparamita Puja PDF
Six Elements Puja with Lounge Deities PDF
Vajrapani Puja (Wrathful) PDF
Manjughosa Puja PDF
Cutting Through Bondage Chö Ritual for Entering retreat PDF
Bardo of Meditation puja PDF
Puja in Preparation for Death and the Bardo PDF
Vajrasattva Puja text PDF
Buddha Puja PDF
Six Elements Puja PDF
Buddha Puja with six elements speak and Dakini mantras PDF
Long Hum Ritual PDF
Mahakarunika (Avalokitesvara) Sadhana Puja PDF

Sadhana in general

Sadhana: the Context and Image of Buddhist Practice PDF – A Guide to Sadhana practice
An Introduction to Tathagatagarbha in relation to sadhana and nature Video
The Vajra Body Video Talk about energy centres & seed-syllables as the basis for sadhana meditation (and as useful generally in meditation)
Session on the Inner body Video


Aspects of Vajrasattva: introduction to the form and significance of Vajrasattva Video
How to Approach the Vajrasattva sadhana: a point-by-point commentary on the Sadhana in the Tharpe Delam Video
Vajrasattva sadhana led through: a 50 minute led sadhana practice Video


Prajñāpāramitā puja PDF
Prajnaparamita – the evolution of my relation to her sadhana. Introductory talk followed by ‘Cutting Through Bondage’ Ritual. Audio
Chakra Practice and purification breathing led by Karunachitta, with Introduction by Kamalashila Audio
Anandajyoti talk on the Prajnaparamita (58m), Kamalashila introducing & leading Prajnaparamita puja Audio


Intro + Lead-through Mahakarunika – Mahamudra sadhana (4 armed Avalokitesvara) Audio
Lead-through of Avalokitesvara Sadhana based on Tillmann’s translation with an interpretation of the pointing out instruction Audio


Commentary on the Manjughosa Stuti Sadhana Video
Brief introduction to the Manjughosa practice and lead-through Video
Full lead-through of Manjughosa stuti sadhana Video (skip to 3.20)
Manjughosa Practice followed by Manjughosa Puja (based on self-visualised sadhana) Video (skip to 4.0)
Led sadhana, Mantra chanting, then short discussion Audio