The Jewel in the Lotus 
14-20 September 

A Home Meditation Retreat for Order Members on the general theme of Tathagatagarbha, ‘Buddha Nature,’ emphasising our natural potential for awakening.  Just as an acorn contains the potential to become a fully grown oak, each human being has an innate capacity for Enlightenment.  Awakening is seen as something that can be unlocked and released with appropriate effort.  This viewpoint brings naturalness and down-to-earth clarity. 

The approach on this retreat will be mainly through meditation, looking into the nature of experience
with the help of the truth of sunyata, and meditating on the form of Avalokitesvara along with the mantra OM  MANIPADME HŪM. Our daily practice will be Just Sitting and the Mahakarunika conjoint Mahamudra sadhana. 

Retreatants have access to a Resource Page containing recordings of all teaching sessions, images, meditation and study materials. 

The retreat is free. Dana is welcome, and needed, but it’s not necessary to donate to join.  All welcome.  Sessions led by Kamalashila at 1030-1130am, 5pm and 8-9pm UK time: Americas, Australasia and India can attend at least one of the sessions. Please join a discussion group at 10am or 730pm.

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Dispersing the Darkness of Ignorance, Waking the Sleep of the Kleśas
12-19 October 2020

A home retreat for Order members on the theme of awakening from delusion. The Manjusri Stuti Sadhana says the understanding resulting from this is like a cloud-free sun whose brilliant light purifies the two obscurations of kleśa and jñeya, wakes us from the ignorant sleep of the kleśas, and unfastens the fetters of karmic habitual attachment. It disperses the darkness of ignorance and enables us to take hold of the sword of wisdom and cut off every tiny sprout of dukkha.
Like other retreats in this series, there is a theme and a presiding deity. Our theme is wisdom; the deity, Manjughosa

The Virtual Vihara
21 November 2020 through to 20 February 2021.

A long home retreat for Order members wishing to deepen their practice in community.

Everyone gets on with their own practice and can use the situation however they find helpful.  There are practice reviews available.  

Group teachings will emerge from individuals’ practice as the retreat progresses.  It will be possible to form small kulas within the main group for special interests and teaching.  

Retreatants must commit either to the whole three month period, or one period either side of Xmas.