Dharma of Death and Dying 27 August to 2 September – see below

Retreat to be announced 22 – 28 September 

The Play of Now with Jayachitta 1-8 October (Dhanakosa)

Retreat to be announced   29 October – 4 November

Retreat to be announced 3-9 December

3 month Retreat 9 December ending 3 March (13 weeks)

the dharma of death and dying

practice focusing on liberation in the face of aging, sickness and death

retreat for order members

27 august – 2 september

Introduction & Ritual Opening 8pm Fri 27 August
Daily Meditation 1030am, 5pm & 8pm
Optional Groups 7pm  (all times UK)

The approach will be mainly through meditation, looking into our mortality and embodiment, with occasional talks and a nightly ritual drawing on The Bardo Thodol.  We’ll be using the 10 perceptions from the Girimānanda Sutta, plus some sādhana and other meditational approaches as fits the occasion. 

There will be an resource page available to all registrants with video records of teachings, images, texts and written materials.  

The retreat is free: dana is welcome, and needed, but not required.
To Register: see post on TBCO Threads and Facebook TOMG