Teaching Schedule

March 26 to 1st April The Treasure Trove of Mind (Order retreat) see below

8-12 April From Anapanasati to Awakening (experienced meditators) — in NZ/Aus time zone but all welcome!

23-29 April Australasian Order Retreat Registration details soon

The Treasure Trove of Mind  

26th March to 1st April 

Clarifying the Ground of Insight 

A six day Order event exploring, in theory and experience, the 52 mental events.  The Abhidharma framework clarifies the nature of the mind, the basis for insight.  In meditation, we can also observe in detail how certain elements of experience are continuously present, while others manifest only under certain conditions. Some states are clearly good to have… others really, really aren’t.  A lot of our inner content got there because of habits… but not all.  

Our mind is a menagerie of complex, wondrous, and dangerous animals.  To realise awakening we need to recognise and understand them, and navigate the ‘potentials and potholes’ of the mind. 

Our practice support will be the anapanasati practice in relation to sadhana, representing the ‘system of practice’.  Here is a short talk about the practice and a led session of anapanasati from Kamalashila

With daily talks and discussion groups, meditation and ritual practice.  

Daily programme (UK times, events may vary): 
10-12am meditation, talk, discussion, groups. 
5:15 meditation 
7-8 Groups
8-9pm discussion, meditation, ritual.

Free or by donation.
Starts 8pm on Friday 26th March with an Introduction and Opening Ritual.  

To REGISTER (Order members only), Please go here or copy/paste this link: