Forthcoming Retreats

Immeasurable sunyata 22 – 28 September 

The Play of Now with Jayachitta 1-8 October (Dhanakosa)

Inner breath, vajra body  29 October – 4 November

Retreat topic to be announced 3-9 December

3 month Retreat 9 December ending 3 March (13 weeks) – more information and registration link soon

immeasurable sunyata: the immeasurable, arupa and emptiness liberations

exploring the brahmavihara meditations in relation to insight: a retreat for order members

22 – 28 september

Introduction & Ritual Opening 8pm Wednesday 22 September
Daily Meditation 10am – 12pm & 5 – 6pm (note slight change to times)
Groups 730pm 
Evening Talk, QA, Mediation, Ritual 815pm
(all times UK)

Meditative goodwill, compassion, appreciation & equanimity break through boundaries according to the Buddha in the Pali Canon. What he taught doesn’t involve comparing friends, neutrals or enemies but simply love radiating beyond all concept of what is possible.  This brings the practice of the four Immeasurables into the realm of śūñyatā and insight liberation.  Our retreat will explore these potentials through meditations, talks and discussion. 

This week long retreat will begin at 8pm on Wednesday  22nd September and end after the evening session on Tuesday 28th September.  Times are UK. There will be mid morning double meditation sessions and an hour long afternoon meditation. 

Equanimity: the full moon coursing far above, illuminating the suffering world with its subtle beams. 
Metta: the warm midday sun. 
Karuna: the poignant sunset. 
Mudita: the promising sunrise. 
(I think these are Analayo’s images)


There will be an resource page available to all registrants with video records of teachings, images, texts and written materials.  

The retreat is free: dana is welcome, and needed, but not required.

inner breath vajra body

29 October – 4 November

A retreat focusing on the Anapanasati practice in relation to the inner experience of the body in meditation.

Meditation approaches that emerge from the breathing in the body eventually uncover the insubstantial nature of feeling, emotion and knowing (vedana, samskara, citta). This supports insight into the three lakshanas, enables dispassion (viraga) and shows the way to begin letting go samsara.

More info and registration link soon.