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Anapanasati 1 of 4

I suggest you have your eyes closed
and just allow as much as you can your attention
to settle in
all the quietening, stilling
processes of the body
most of these happen
just on their own
but it's good to establish awareness
at the base of the body
at the sitting bones at the pelvic floor
planted as it were
on the great earth
and feeling from those
two sitting-bones
the lift 
of the great spinal column
to the base of the skull
which tips slightly forward
and feeling from the crown down through the core of the body
to the pelvic floor
a line 
otherwise known as the central channel
the aligned
pelvic floor
hara or navel centre
heart, throat, and crown

and then taking your attention to the breathing
just allowing the body
to breathe
and in the stages known as the long breath and the short breath
we are just noticing
the quality of the breath
is it a relaxed
or is it a constricted
or in some way 
an awkward 
and the breath just needs to find its own way
to become 
and relaxed
and easy
by observing and being still in the body
we encourage the breath
to become
long and easy
or longer
and easy
in a general way

and as that breath becomes
longer and easier
we can start taking our attention
to the whole of our body
as partaking
in the movement of the breathing
so feeling the way the whole body
is affected by the breath
breath by breath
feeling the movement
throughout the entire body
from head to toe

so allowing the breath to incorporate everything
in your experience
don't hold back just give everything to it

every element of that body experience
that is being breathed
allow every part of the body
to become
more still
more calm
more settled
as you continue
with the breathing
in the body
now the emphasis is on 
the entire body system
just letting it settle
from head to toe

don't be too concerned about making progress with it
it comes in fits and starts
just keep going with the work
of bringing peace
to the body
to all the different parts of the body
with the aid of the breath
and settling each 
tiny part
with a mind of
and curiosity

with calming each part of the body
we are not trying to push down the natural activity
not trying to lock down
the functioning of the body, clearly
so in a middle way
imposed calm
and a natural
the breath can help
the breath brings awareness

BELL @43 min

Anapanasati 2 of 4

Carrying on this morning with the anapanasati sequence.

So spend the first few minutes
settling into the body 
descending into the 
body experience

letting go
into the relief of
just being with the body
and the breathing
and all the sensations of the body
and the pelvic floor
and the lift of the spine
to the base of the skull
the face and the head
the shoulders
the chest open
and the hands placed so that
the chest can remain open

experiencing the core of the body
from the crown
through the throat
and the navel centre
the hara
and the pelvic floor

allowing the breathing to find its own place
the natural
long breath
which just means the relaxed easy
natural breath
it's easy with you looking at it
so observing
how each breath is
the breath doesn't feel self-conscious

in your own time
letting your awareness of the breath
spreading through the body
so feel the whole of the body
in relation to the breath
the whole body
being breathed
from head to toe

and when you feel the whole body being breathed
like this
you can also allow the entire
to relax profoundly
and to become still
as it's breathed

it's as though the touch of the breath
is bringing that message
settle down
be at peace
to every part
of the body that it touches

and now
as the body
observing the whole body
or going through it part by part
and experiencing feeling
what feeling is there
and looking particularly
in this stage for pleasant feeling

as the body is breathed
in the head
is there pleasant feeling
in the thorat
the heart
just look through the whole
pleasant feeling

in feeling
in the feelings that are there
what is pleasant
what is of the nature of priti
what is delightful

maintaining the awareness of the breathing
awarenss of the full body

as you experience within the body
what there is
of pleasant feeling
delightful feeling

delightful sensation
pleasant physical sensation

still aware of the naturally
rising and falling breath
pervading the entire body

and now looking
throughout the entire body
of feelings of happiness

are there any feelings like that
arising anywhere in the body
or throughout the whole body
feelings of sukha
deep happiness

it's also connected with feelings of deep
we're very secure
very settled

so alongside 
this deep experience of body
there's also
this other element of
heart or mind
you're already in it
looking at the feelings

...just looking at the whole of the mind
or the heart
as opposed to body
they seem 
rather inseparable

but as the feelings come and go
feelings of 
sukha and dukkha
pleasant and unpleasant

so experiencing along with the 
body sensation
the heart-mind the citta

we may interpret this as
the experiencer
the perceiver

or we can just see it as part of 
the overall experience
of the body 
heart mind

experiencing pleasant feeling
unpleasant feeling
moving towards pleasant
moving away from the unpleasant
breath by breath
aware of the whole field
of the mind

and as you establish yourself in this stage of
the whole of the heart-mind
the whole field of citta
becoming more intimate
and trusting
and familiar
breath by breath
as you let yourself go into it
allow the citta
to become
more gentle
more peaceful
more settled
more tranquil

even with the variety of
different sensations

so that the whole experience of the citta becomes
and gentle
and settled

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Anapanasati 3 of 4

Carrying on with the anapanasati
today we are going into the third
of the four
this is about
the mind, basically
the citta
we've already had a bit of an introduction to it
the body and also through feeling so leading up to this point, really

so spending some time
recapturing those previous stages
on the body and the feeling

so settling into your meditation posture
and letting your awareness tricle down
through the body
right down to the pelvic floor
right down to the earth

and the stability of the earth
brings stability to the physical

from the two sitting bones

through the great structure of the spinal column

supporting the skull

relaxing the shoulders
the face
the eyes
and the brow

aware of the whole inner core of the body
through from the pelvic floor, right up
through the different
centres of the body
heart, throat
and the crown

and allowing the breath to settle down
in its own time
it could take quite a bit of time

getting to the point where the
the breathing flows
rises and falls
even though it's being looked at it doesn't mind
and the whole body 
is being breathed
and at some point the whole body
feels like
settling down
quietening and stilling
with each breath

and you may experience this
quietening stilling and settling
as delightful
as pleasant

so experiencing 
pleasant feeling
and happiness
in the body
in the experience of meditating
just what's there

and looking at the 
in our experience
looking at all feeling
and responses
that are arising

and continuing to relax
with that


it's the beginnings of awareness of 
the mind
the citta

so observing 
very calmly

what arises

so now we are in the stage of experiencing the citta
the heart-mind

it's about the part of our experience 
that is knowing
knowing sounds
knowing feelings
knowing thoughts
knowing responses
knowing the body

can you explore this
knowing quality

that which knows

knowing the breath
breathing in
breathing out
experiencing the citta
the heart-mind

and spending some time relaxing with that
so that it's
observed as a natural process
it doesn't
it doesn't feel self-conscious as we are looking at it

broadening out the attention

broadening out
the attention
so that this quality is seen overall
the quality of knowing

maybe it'll help if we go onto the next stage now
where we appreciate
this amazing
of our experience – appreciating, gladdening
gladdening the citta
gladdening the heart-mind

so this is a little bit like self-metta
it's here the metta or the goodwill develped
in relation to the knowing quality, the citta
which is not the self

the whole practice is like this
experience of knowing
experience of the citta, heart-mind
which is also resting in feeling
which is also resting in the body

it is a natural feature of our

so letting its nature clarify
as we breathe with it

and as we feel the gladness

accepting in this way
having our awareness settled
breath by breath
in this quality of the citta

has a naturally 

kind of knitting together quality

knitting together with the feeling 
and the body

and the gladness, too
the gladness is a bit like the agent

so here in this 
stage of 
concentrating the citta
breath by breath

it's not that you do anything
apart from just
the experiencing more and more clearly the nature
this knowing

knowing feeling
knowing the body
knowing all the responses and sensations

so with each sensation
and response that arises
seeing also its inner 
quality its known quality

and then in the final stage
of this 
set of four
breathing in and out

not identifying it as me or mine

allowing everything that arises
and passes away
and that is known
and seen
and experienced and felt
to arise and pass away
to do so 
without clinging
without holding on
BELL @ 45 min
Anapanasati 4 of 4

We'll go through the whole of the anapanasati
sequence this morning 
and I'll try and make it so that we spend most of our time on the last bit.

so simply
once again
opening up
the experience of the body
as it is
right now

the whole of the body
the whole experience
seated on the earth
let that connection
have a stilling stabilising

so connecting with the whole of the body
the inner body and the structure of the body
while you allow
the breathing in the body
to find its natural rhythm

will start to find its natural rhythm

so keep bringing your attention back to
the texture of the breathing
and the feeling of the breathing

and however the breath is whether it's
quite awkward
bit unbalanced somehow
or whether it's smooth as silk
allow the whole body to be breathed

and see how gradually this
awareness of the breathing
if it's light
lightly held
it calms the body
tranquilises the whole
system of the body

and letting this
breathing through the body
also include the dimension of feeling
and sensation

and looking for pleasant feeling
looking for the presence of deep
and allowing into our experience whatever
sensations and feelings that there are
in the moment

just allowing it all to be there
and relaxing with it
letting the whole
be peaceful
breath by breath

turning our attention to the citta
the mind
and the heart
that which
that which knows sensation
and feeling
whatever arises

this amazing quality

and bringing gladness

gladdening the mind

this mind is not separate from the feeling
it's not separate from the body
it's the knowing aspect

so spend some time now
appreciating this quality
this particular quality in our experience
let it show itself
through resting in it
and as we rest in it more and more
over the next few stages
this is naturally
or concentrating

just allow each breath
to reveal
the citta

the different forms
within the citta

looking again and again at the manifestations of the mind
and appreciating how they arise
and pass away
the manner in which they do that

and seeing 
impermanent they are

breathing in
breathing out

to body
feeling and mind

the impermanence
of all
that arises
in our experience

breath by breath
giving attention to
the fact
that all manifestations
do come to an end

allowing ending
to be there
to be true

and looking at our experience to see

with each breath
the involvements
of attachment
of clinging
and the attachment
of pushing away
which is a kind of attachment

considering that 
all these could cease
all these pushings away
and clingings to
are not necessary
and could
drop away
could cease completely

and finally in the last few minutes
letting go
where we can

BELL @45 min