Kamalashila is a teacher in the Triratna Buddhist tradition. He first learned the Dharma from Urgyen Sangharakshita and was ordained in 1974. Kamalashila lived in retreat for many years at Vajraloka and was also a hermit for several years. Much of his teaching so far has been about meditation, the basics of which are summarised in his 272-page Buddhist Meditation, but he’s interested in all aspects of the Dharma.
Kamalashila‘s life and influences: Sangharakshita and the Triratna Buddhist Order.
The Essentials of meditation and more In Depth material for experienced meditators
Writing on Enlightenment and Nature, the Elements, Ecology, Death and more
Also a Blog.
There are numerous archives here of retreats materials, with the pick of the crop on the Dharma Materials resource library.
Kamalashila’s Teaching schedule is here, and you can donate and contact him here.