I’m a teacher in the Triratna Buddhist tradition. I first learned the Dharma from Urgyen Sangharakshita and was ordained in 1974. I have lived in retreat for many years, mostly around Vajraloka where I lived from 1979 to 1994. I was also a hermit for several years from 2001, living under canvas. Much of my teaching has been about meditation, the basics of which are summarised in my 272-page Buddhist Meditation, but I’m interested in all aspects of the Dharma.
Here is a Biography and here’s a bit about some influences, i.e. Sangharakshita and the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Here are what I hope are useful instructions for meditation. First for newcomers, the Essentials of meditation and for those who are more experienced, some more In Depth materials. There is also a lot more to be found on the Classes and Retreats page.

There is a little selection of Writing – on Enlightenment and Nature, the Elements, Ecology, Death and more.
There are numerous archives here of retreats materials, with the pick of the crop on Classes and Retreats, along with Kamalashila’s Teaching schedule.

My Blog. In April 2024 I was diagnosed with cancer. I will continue as best I can. If you’d like to read about ‘My Journey Into the Unknown’, it’s here https://kamalashila.co.uk/voyage-to-the-unknown

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