A meditation retreat for Order members on a theme of ‘living Order practice’ 
23-29 April 2021

Programme (all times NZ/Aus)

We start 8pm on 23rd and end around 9pm on 29th April
times NZ/OZ

Meditation 8am/6am led by Kamalashila
Meditation 1130/930am 
Meditation 4pm/3pm
Groups 715pm/515pm
Meditation & Ritual 8pm/6pm led by Kamalashila

Zoom ID for the retreat 

To join each early morning and evening with Kamalashila, use the link in the confirmation letter you received from Zoom, or this one. 
Or use Meeting ID: 863 3941 6505 and Passcode: 706631Breakout sessions at 7.15pm – use this SAME link.

The New Zealand daytime sessions at 1130am (with Akasasri and team) and 4pm (with Nityajyoti & Moksavira), use this link – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83333546042
The Australian daytime session at 930am (with Akasasri and team) , use this link – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83333546042
The Australia daytime session at 3pm (with Dharmananda), use this link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88646609109?pwd=NkE2NlJWd3VFT3h1VzZCSmU3N1hoUT09

If you’d like to talk about your practice, email me on kamalashilamatthews@g mail dot com and I’ll set up a meeting (late evening due to the time difference). Letters are welcome

Materials from the Retreat

Living in the Vajra World 23-29 April 2021
Playlist of all videos including any not yet updated here

2021-04-29 Vajra World 13 – Sakyamuni practice, QA and thanks, Prajnaparamita puja (includes photos of 1980s NZ that were shown)
2021-04-29 Vajra World 12 – Anapanasati, Walking, Metta Bhavana
2021-04-28 Vajra World 11b – Manjughosa practice & Manjughosa Arapacana Puja
2021-04-28 Vajra World 11a – Q&A
2021-04-28 Vajra World 10 – Six-Element Practice, Walking, Sadhana
2021-04-27 Vajra World 09b – Vajrasattva practice, Vajrasattva puja
2021-04-27 Vajra World 09a – Talk on Five Wisdoms, QA
2021-04-27 Vajra World 08 – Anapanasati, walking, sadhana stages
2021-04-26 Vajra World 7b – Mahakarunika Sadhana & Threefold Puja
2021-04-26 Vajra World 7a – Talk on Theatre of Sadhana
2021-04-26 Vajra World 06 – Six-Element practice, walking, Karuna
2021-04-25 Vajra World 05 – Tara practice & Tara Puja
2021-04-25 Vajra World 04 – Metta Bhavana, walking, Anapanasati
2021-04-24 Vajra World 03 – Padmasambhava practice & Padmasambhava puja
2021-04-24 Vajra World 02 – Anapanasati x2 with intro & walking
2021-04-23 Vajra World 01 Padmasambhava practice, Talk – “Elements of Sadhana”, Dedication



Prajnaparamita Puja
Buddha Nature Dedication Ceremony
Padmasambhava Retreat Puja
Manjughosa Arapacana Puja
Mahakarunika Sadhana Puja
Tara Puja (from Cult of Tara)

The retreat is free. Donations are very welcome too, indeed without them, I could not continue. The Dana button below takes you to Paypal, or (to avoid the 5% charge to me) ask and I can send bank details.