26th March to 1st April 


Order retreat exploring, in theory and experience, the 51 mental events. 

Daily programme (UK times and note: clocks go forward 1hr early hours of Sunday 28th)

10-12am meditation, talk, discussion, groups. 
5:15 meditation 
7-8 Groups
8-9pm discussion, meditation, ritual.

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Or use Meeting ID 826 9973 4821 and Passcode 564385


Dark Mandala with Positives by Akasaruci

All 51 Mental Events in a chart showing correspondences PDF
Map of the 51 Mental Events by Ratnadeva
Lokabandhu’s research on translations for the various terms (very thorough)
Text of Talk 2: Mind and the Five Omnipresent Mental Events PDF
Text of Talk 4: The Mandala of Ignorance

Recommended Books
Sangharakshita, Know Your Mind
Subhuti, Mind in Harmony
Kawamura, Mind in Buddhist Psychology

Treasure Trove of the Mind PLAYLIST – all videos from series
2021-04-01 Treasure Trove 13b – Mahakarunika Practice
2021-04-01 Treasure Trove 13a – Concluding Talk, Thanks
2021-04-01 Treasure Trove 12b – 15 min body meditation
2021-04-01 Treasure Trove 12a – Anapanasati and Summary Talk on Construction in life, Anapanasati and sadhana
2021-03-31 Treasure Trove 11 – 30 minute Mahakarunika Sadhana
2021-03-31 Treasure Trove 10 – Anapanasati and Talk on Positives in relation to Dark Mandala
2021-03-30 Treasure Trove 09b – Mahakarunika Puja
2021-03-30 Treasure Trove 08 – Anapanasati & Talk: Arrogance, Indecision, and Views
2021-03-29 Treasure Trove 07 – Fuller Vajrasattva Practice with Introduction to śūnyatā with Concluding Verses and Mantra
2021-03-29 Treasure Trove 06b Talk on Root Klesas Avidya, Raga and Pratigha
2021-03-29 Treasure Trove 06a – Anapanasati
2021-03-28 Treasure Trove 05b – Vajrasattva Sadhana
2021-03-28 Treasure Trove 05a Talk – The Mandala of Ignorance (Dark Mandala)
2021-03-28 Treasure Trove 04b – Anapanasati
2021-03-28 Treasure Trove 04a – Object-Determining Mental Events: Talk & Meditation
2021-03-27 Treasure Trove 03b – Manjughosa practice
2021-03-27 Treasure Trove 02 – Mind and Five Omnipresent Mental Events: Talk & Meditation
2021-03-26 Treasure Trove 01 – Introduction to the Retreat: The Skandhas and the Wisdoms

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