I practice and teach Buddhist methods of self liberation. True, I do this imperfectly, but the results have been excellent for me, so I’d like to give some of what I’ve received.

I first learned the Dharma from the late  Urgyen Sangharakshita. Ever since he ordained me in 1974, I’ve been exploring it in my own practice. And that’s what I’m writing about here.  
I have lived many years in retreat: in a semi monastic community, as a hermit for four years, and on many shorter solitary retreats. I have also lived in ordinary society, having been married for well over a decade. As a younger man I also learned much through living 20 years as a monk (in Triratna tradition a celibate anagarika). Both lifestyles have been rewarding in different ways.  
I have been active establishing the Triratna Order and the beauty of its approach, founding Dharma centres in London and Wales. I have written a well received book on meditation, and intend to write more, perhaps using material from this website.  
There’s more about me here. I currently live in London, teaching online and sometimes in association with the West London Buddhist Centre. I enjoy a lot deepening my experience and communicating the amazingness of Buddhism.