an informal gathering of Order members regularly discussing the topic of insight in dharma practice
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Aparimana Bodhiketu Kamalashila Padmayogini Tejananda Tejapushpa

Four Seminars Spring 2022

These Order forums were based on our discussion document Seven Points for Approaching Insight which gives examples of teachings and ways of understanding the Dharma (in Triratna) that can be useful and essential in some cases, but in some way misrepresent the teachings on wisdom. We suggest some improvements, and we think it’s an important discussion for the future of dharma teaching inside and outside the Order.  

Seven Points for Approaching Insight document - download here

Recordings of sessions (and text of Chat posts below)

Session 1 30 March

Session 2 6 April

Session 3 13 April

Session 4 20 April (long silence in middle during groups – please fast forward)